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...You taught me for the first time...
What's most important...
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8th-Apr-2009 05:03 pm - Scroll Two
You bastard..!

Rrrgh. Shit, how the hell did she do it last time...? Bah. Like... this?

[Fumble fumble!]

Che' Work god damn it!


[Ping! Hi! An amber eye is seen extremely close here. Blink, blink, bringing the device away to reveal his face, though seemingly not knowing video is now rollin'-- we catch a glimpse of a small body in the background, just behind him, wrapped up in I guess you could say his red garment. Resting maybe, looks like she's had a hard... day.]

Ahh? So that cursed light was on huh. Not wasting anymore time then.

[His tone lowers a moment, so does his gaze right into the thing. Canines you can see 'em~]

All right you bastards, enough of this stupid game! I ain't gonna be all nice and gentle like Kagome, I want answers and I want them now. Damn it all, what's the big idea with that anyway?? Both our powers are gone! Kagome and I even got lost on trying to find that damn Shippou! Tell me where I can find the idiots responsible for bringing us here! Well??

Oi! Answer!

14th-Mar-2009 09:53 pm - Scroll One
Don't play games with me!
[Click! Accidental Voice post.]

D-damn iiiit! You..! What's with this thing?! Gaaah!!

Hey InuYasha. Did you find something? [Footsteps heard coming closer.] --Uh. What are you doing?

What--[inbetween gnaws]--Does it look like?! This damn thing won't shut up!

What thing? ...Haa! Stop that, InuYasha! That's not doing anything to make the noise stop.

Che'! [Thunk as the device is tossed onto the ground!] So then what? I suppose you know how to make it stop?

Don't just throw the thing away! [Footsteps getting louder as she goes to pick it up.] Well, no... I don't know how to make it stop beeping. But I did find a note that said we had to use them so throwing them away is probably a bad idea. [stepstepstep] Here.

Aah? That scrap of paper eh. [Tone kind of shifts as he weighs the thing in his hand. Shf shf shf.] and just what are we going to use these for? Not only that but who the hell left them--hm? [Voice raised as he leans his face into the device] Oi! What the fuck's with that light.

I don't know. But they must've been given to us for a reason, right? So don't go and start breakin-- What? What light? [Shifting noises, Kagome leaning in to look for this supposed light.] Oh! I see it. I think something's turned on. Wait; let me play around with the one I got...here...

[Faint snort.] I didn't break it. The thing just went off!-- That light! [Hearing a little bit of growl here, and faint beeping still.] Rrgh. This kinda thing is something from your world right? Like that box? Shouldn't you know how to mess with one of these?

Mm... Aha! -- I got it! Yeah! This thing is sooorta like a telephone actually. Not that I've seen one that looks exactly like this. [Shf.] See here? The light is on because it's recording your voice into it. Do you get it?

Tella what? [Shf] Huuh? So does that mean if there are others here, they can hear us? [A few noises, noting him of grabbing it] Oi! If that's true then they can tell us what the hell's going on! So out with it!

InuYasha… [She’s starting to sound very exasperated by now.] It doesn’t work that way. Even if you shout into it, it won’t answer you back. Not unless there’s someone on the other end. But here, watch me. Let’s see if I can get someone to answer us.

[See Kagome’s post for her intro.]

So if you know anything then you better tell us now!

[Struggling and shifting noises, the girl is yelling loudly.] InuYasha! What do you think you’re doing?! You’re scaring away anyone who can help us figure out where we are!

Shaddup! We don't have time for that polite stuff!
14th-Mar-2009 12:11 am - ✔ RP Feedback/Concrit
*Sulking come back later.*
Now this is where you can give me some feedback for InuYasha. At any time during our interaction or if you're stalking, if you want to give me some constructive crit on improving my characterization, feel free. Helpful notes, suggestions, tips, comments etc. It's all fine, anything to help you as well as me in our RPing together. Don't worry, I don't bite.

Let's see, this is another screened post, anon is switched on for your lots privacy.

Just don't flame, that's not really going to help the RP portrayal or just our shit in general, IC or not.
12th-Mar-2009 02:32 am - APPLICATION
Go on take your turn
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